My Summer Vacation


My Master didn’t tell me that I was going on a vacation last summer. My Master, that’s what I call him. He has a name in dog speak, but it’s too long to say. Roughly translated it means, “he-who-walks-0n-hind-legs-brings-food”. So much too long for everyday use, and it seems to be some kind of a secret because every time I try to say it, I am told to be quiet. Anyway, one day I caught Master putting clothes into this box like thing which he does whenever he is planning to leave me. When he isn’t looking, I always get in too, but, like every time before, he finds me, pulls me out and zips the lid. Next, Master brought out “sleepy pod bag” that he made and that he puts me in when we go in the car. Sometimes that is so much fun because we go to a place called “Shopping” or one called “Movies”. But this time I wasn’t so sure. I was afraid that I was going back to a place we had been the week before called “VET” where they stuck things in you and called it “temperature” or “shots”, or something like that.

I decided to pretend that I was asleep so maybe the Master would forget about that. He must have because the next thing I knew we were in a very noisy place with lots of people, and Master had taken me out of my bag just before my bag disappeared by moving into a dark hole. I was kind of worried, but Master carried me through an archway and there was my bag coming out of that dark tunnel. I was so happy to be able to get back into the wonderful bag Master had made for me. Next thing I knew we were getting into a really big car with lots of seats, but Master wasn’t driving so I decided it was safe to just curl up in my bag and fall asleep.

I must have slept for a long time because I was pretty hungry, but Master didn’t give me anything to eat. He told me just to wait because he had to go through something called “customs”. I know what the word “customer” means because my Master sells a lot of doggie clothes that I wear to people called that. I guessed it must have something to do with his store.

Next thing I knew, it was very cold. Not cold like the place called “shopping” that has something called aircon, but more cold. My Master put me in one of the warm jackets he had made, and it was much better. Master makes me all sorts of wonderful clothes, and I love to show off how cute I look in all his latest fashions. I even have shirts that match Master’s shirts. I bet I am the best-dressed dog in town. I am not quite sure why Master keeps pointing a box with a big eye on the front at me every time I wear something new, but he seems to be having a good time with it so I just sit still and watch him. It makes him happy and he tells me “good boy” a lot.

We stayed at a new sleeping place for the night. There was a big piece of grass outside, just perfect for…well, you know. There’s not much grass in Bangkok.

I met a new friend. He’s a lot longer than a normal dog. Maybe he is a dwarf because his legs are so short. I was afraid of him, but we sniffed ends and became friends. He wasn’t a bad sort even if he was much too long to be a normal dog. He said he was a dachshund, but I don’t know what that means. At first I was jealous because Master put some clothes on him and pointed that box. He was very handsome in his yellow raincoat even though it wasn’t raining, but I know that I am cuter.

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