Summer Vacation pt. 2

April 26, 2015




The new sleeping place we stayed at, called Olympia, turned out to be more special than just a place that had a big piece of grass to play on. You could see for miles and miles, and way in the distance I could see tall buildings that were covered in white sheets. The Master pointed to them and asked someone how long the snow would stay, but I didn’t know what that meant. There was also a lot of water near the place we stayed. Master took me for a walk down to the water. There was a big, wide sidewalk we had to cross to get next to the water but my feet kept getting stuck so that I couldn’t move. Master laughed, picked me up and carried me closer to the water. I heard him say “sand”. When he put me down near the edge of the water, the sidewalk was harder, and I could walk again without sinking. I was thirsty so I took a drink. It was awful. Something was very wrong with the water. Master laughed again and said, “salt water”. We walked for a while, but the sidewalk was awfully wet and sticky, and I didn’t really like it. Then all of a sudden a giant bird came flying down, much bigger than the birds in Bangkok that I chase away. Master ran after it and grabbed me at the same time. He said it was something called a bald eagle, and that they can pick up little dogs like me and take us away. And I thought flying in a plane was scary. When we got back home Master gave me a bath because my feet were all dirty and wet and there was sticky stuff all over me that he called sand. I think I like grass better, though not much. Being carried in my specially designed dog backpack is best.

The next day we drove the car into an enormous garage. It was so big that dozens of other cars and trucks fit inside. That seemed strange to me, but at least I was in a car, which is somewhere I love to be. I was just doing my “going to sleep circles” in my sleepy bag when this horrible loud horn sound made me bury my head under my paws. I had just looked up again when the garage began to move. Very strange! Master carried me, hidden in my bag, up some stairs. I had never been in a moving garage or even a garage with stairs. When we reached the top Master took me outside, and I saw that the garage was floating on water. I heard Master say that we would be on Whidbey Island soon, but I didn’t know what that meant.   I couldn’t see very well since I was supposed to be hidden in my sleepy bag, but I could tell that we were getting closer to those tall buildings that I had seen in Olympia that were covered with white sheets. The big horn sounded again, and we went back down the stairs into our car. It was such a strange garage because all the cars and trucks left again, but they drove out the opposite way they had come in.

I did not like Whidbey Island that much. Master said it was beautiful, but all I remember was getting my feet stuck again in those places Master called beaches. There were a lot of big birds, but none of them were scared of me. To tell the truth, I was scared of them and was happy to be put back into my sleep bag. I was happy when we got back in our car, found another floating garage and went home.

One day we visited one of those places called “shopping” in Seattle. I am used to going in those places back home in my special bag, hiding because I am not allowed in shopping and watching everyone through my mesh window. Most people can’t see me because it’s dark, but, when Master put the pack on a counter, a lady on the other side looked right in and saw me. “oh, a little dog,” she said. Bring him out. “He’s so cute.” It was fun to be standing on the counter and so many people came by to pet me. Master put me in some of my special clothes and lots of people started pointing those things they are always talking to right at me. I thought that was pretty funny because they must not have realized that I haven’t learned to talk to those little boxes yet.

Devon Coleman
Devon Coleman


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