Dear Trolley

I just came home from my trip to Italy. I sent you a picture of me in front of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and then above the ruins next to the coliseum in Rome. My favorite was the one in front of the Trevi Fountain. You know, that’s the one where you throw in a coin and make a wish. I made one for some new summer clothes from Devon & Drew. I hiked up the Path of the Gods in Amalfi. It was easy for me, but it took a long time because my Master slipped and fell and sprained his ankle. Two hours after that just to walk 1 mile. It was okay with me because I spent the extra time chasing little lizards. Did you know that they try to bite you? Couldn’t catch any. My mistress took me to the Piazza when she got a cappuccino, but she wouldn’t give me one. Not fair! But I did get to go for a ride on a ferryboat to Positano. That was great. It’s still funny how no one knows I am there when I am inside the Devon & Andrew dog backpack. We stopped to visit in Naples where the people had one of those awful creatures, a CAT. I made sure that it stayed locked in the laundry room for 3 days while I was there! The trip was soooo much fun, but my Master and I had jet lag when we returned home.


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