Dear Trolley: My Mistress tried to put a GoPro on me so that I could show you my home from my point of view, but I am too small, and it kept sliding off. I looked so silly dragging the camera across the floor, taking pictures of the ceiling! I wanted to show you my eye view of the great new dog bed cover you sent me. I wish your Master had put my picture on the cover instead of that other dog. I know that he can put any picture on if you send it to him, but my mistress forgot to send him one in time.

I also wanted to show you how everything looks from inside the “Sleeping Pod” your Master made me. Sometimes I just sleep inside with the door open and other times my Mistress zips me up in it, puts it on her back, and we take a walk. It’s fun to look at everything through the mesh panels when nobody knows I am inside. People just think it’s a great backpack until I forget and bark at one of those “meow” creatures.

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